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How To Choose Roof Tiles For An Upgrade

Pensacola Roof TilesIf it’s time to replace your old roof shingles and you want something more durable, you are probably asking which roof tiles are the best.

Among the different roof tiles available, clay, slate, and composite would be a considerable upgrade. Here is a brief comparison from our pros at Amerson Roofing in Pensacola to help you choose the best roof tiles for your home.

Clay Roof Tiles

The traditional clay Spanish tiles are very popular for homeowner’s who are looking to upgrade to a strong roofing tile. But the Spanish barrel tile style isn’t the only option!

Clay roof tile styles:

  • Wood shake style
  • Scalloped style
  • Barrel Tile/Spanish style
  • Interlocking shingle style
  • French interlocking tiles
  • S Tile/Pantiles

Pros of clay tile:

  • Attractive
  • Resists rot, water, insects, fire
  • Long lifespan
  • Long-term savings
  • Insulating


  • Cracks or Chips by golf ball-sized hail or larger
  • Easy to break if walked on
  • More expensive up front
  • More expensive to repair
  • Heavy

Slate Roof Tiles

Slate roof tiles are a natural stone, so they are very earth-friendly. Since slate is a natural stone, the colors range from light to dark. This variation and the different styles available give you more options for a completely unique looking roof.


  • Standard American
  • Staggered Butt
  • Random Width
  • Ragged Butt
  • Textured style
  • Graduated style
  • Mixed color patterns
  • Scalloped

Pros of slate tile:

  • Attractive
  • Resists rot, water, insects, fire
  • Can last more than a century


  • More expensive
  • More fragile
  • Poor insulation
  • Easy to break if walked on

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete tiles are easier to find than clay, are less expensive, and very durable, so many choose them for roofing upgrades.


  • Attractive traditional clay tile style
  • Wood shake style
  • Slate style
  • Stone style

Pros of concrete tile:

  • 30% to 50% less expansive than clay
  • Long-lasting
  • Resists rot, water, insects, fire
  • Insulating


  • May need repainting
  • Same labor charges as clay
  • Heavy
  • Don’t last as long as clay

Composite Roof Tiles

Composite roof tiles are one of the top choices for roofing upgrades because of their affordability. They are easier to maintain and are often just as beautiful as the real material.


There are many different styles, types, and brands of composite roof tiles. They mimic clay and slate types but are lighter

Pros of composite roof tile:

  • Attractive
  • Less maintenance required
  • Less expensive
  • Can be walked on
  • Made from recycled material, doesn’t deplete natural resources
  • Has highest ratings for wind, rain, and fire damage
  • Excellent warranties


  • Haven’t been on the market long enough to determine longevity
  • Some composite tiles fall short of a top Class A fire rating
  • Some don’t really look like the real thing

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