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Is Your Pensacola Rooftop Hurricane Ready

Is Your Pensacola Rooftop Hurricane Ready?

Pensacola Roof Inspections
While no one wants to think about tropical storms and hurricanes, anyone who lives in the Gulf Coast
area knows it’s a part of the reality here. With the past year being such an active storm season, it’s
helped remind homeowners to get serious and proactive about preparation.

Hurricane Sally alone was a refresher course in how quickly things can escalate, especially when you’re
in the cone of uncertainty. Before the next hurricane season rolls in, make it a priority to get your home
prepared – especially your rooftop.

Working with a professional roofing contractor is a vital step—and the sooner, the better. Use the off-
season to your advantage and go ahead and get your roofing ready for next year’s storm season.

Preparing For Storms Before The Season

Whether it’s the middle of December or a week before a named storm is supposed to make it to shore,
you need to be prepared. The further in advance you can take care of specific tasks, the better off you’ll
be when a tropical depression or worse is on its way.

Procrastination can be problematic, and you could end up suffering roof damage that could have been
avoided if you’d planned more. Some of the best tips for roof care before any severe weather event are:

– Roof Inspections
An essential part of your home maintenance routine should be roof inspections. Let a
professional assess the current condition and take care of repair needs. It’s also critical to get
another assessment immediately following any severe weather.

– Don’t Ignore Repairs
If you know you have existing repairs that you’ve been putting off, now is the time to get
proactive. Even minor repairs can become significant problems if ignored or subjected to strong
winds and rain.

– Secure Shingles
Loose shingles or roof tiles are a problem that’s only exacerbated by storm conditions. Contact a
roofer to deal with loose roofing material before storm season begins.

– Trim Back Trees
Falling tree branches can destroy anything in its path – including your roof. Schedule your pruning
so you can reduce the likelihood of tree limbs taking out your roof.

At Amerson Roofing, we know the value of your roof and the work needed to keep it secure during
storms. We’re eager to help all of our local customers. Call us today; get superior service from a
roofing contractor in Pensacola, and feel confident about facing the next hurricane season.

If you are looking for a Gulf Shores or Pensacola roofing expert then please call 251-368-5295 or
complete our online request form.

More Tips on Roof Inspection

If you are looking for a Gulf Shores or Pensacola roofing expert then please call 251-368-5295 or complete our online request form.