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Watch Out for These Common Shake Roof Problems

Pensacola Shake RoofingMany Fairhope homeowners enjoy the appearance of their shake roofs but are frustrated by the complications associated with wood shakes. If a roof is made of wood shakes, it can experience problems such as mold and mildew, wood rot, and splitting, but professional roofing contractors from Amerson Roofing can perform the appropriate repairs to restore the roof’s condition and appearance.

Wood shake roofs are one of the oldest types of roofs, and the species of wood used in this type of roofing often depends on the trees grown in particular locations. Cedar shakes are a popular material in shake roofing. Shake roofs installed by experienced roofing contractors are known for their beauty, dimension, and natural wood texture.

5 Reasons to Schedule a Shake Roof Repair

  • Mildew & Moss – If environmental conditions are right, moss and mildew can begin to grow in between wood shakes, causing them to lift.
  • Exposed Fasteners – If fasteners are left exposed on your wood shake roof, unprotected openings are present, and this problem is a sign of improper installation that should be corrected by an experienced roofer.
  • Rot – Wood shakes are treated with chemicals to resist rot, but after years of sun exposure, this protection often wears down. When exposed wood shakes are soaked in rain water, rotting can occur.
  • Burn-Through – Burn-through leaves the felt underlayment of your roof exposed to harsh UV rays. If you notice exposed areas in the center of your roof’s wood shakes, contact your roofing contractors at Amerson Roofing as soon as possible to schedule roof repairs for your Fairhope home and to prevent accelerated deterioration on your roof.
  • Splitting, Cupping, and Curling – These defects result from the drying of wood shakes. Splitting forms openings in the wood shakes, cupping occurs when both sides of the shakes lift, and curling occurs when the bottoms of the shakes lift. These problems should be addressed quickly by skilled roofing contractors so that leaks don’t form on the roof.

More Tips on Roof Repairs

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